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We’re happy that you found us and hope you stay awhile. At the Business Gist we’re exploring social topics that affect employees and companies, taking conversations beyond common business topics leaders generally discuss and focusing on the human side of the bottom line. We’re inviting business leaders to share their unique perspectives on topics and actionable ideas for other business leaders to consider at their companies. We know not everyone is going to agree with what is discussed - but that’s okay. Our goal is to help people listen to each other, consider other perspectives that may get them thinking differently about a subject. So hop into the conversation, share your perspective and tell us what you think.


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From food justice to sleep health, we’re covering topics you generally don’t think about when it comes to the bottom line for business. Learn how social topics are influencing employee productivity, loyalty and morale.

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We’re shifting perspectives at the Business Gist. Join Megan Effertz, Minnesota Business magazine Executive Editor as she interviews local business owners and leaders on their perspectives of the human side of the bottom line.

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