Abby Murray talks about the importance of white space in work and life

Abby Murray, Co-Founder and CMO of Mortarr, talks about her passion for design, starting a business in southern Minnesota and the importance of creating white space in life.

We try to make the most of every single moment that there are no moments left to make the most of.

Inspiration comes from so many random places. Sometimes, I can find it in a magazine I'm reading or from driving by a semi truck on the road or being at a baseball game. It really depends on what you are looking at. I think if you're open to seeing those beautiful moments in life wherever you are they can inspire you.

Breathing room is kind of an epiphany. You always talk about breathing room in design making sure you don't clutter it too much, otherwise your message doesn't get across. I'm always giving feedback, put some more breathing space in that, add some padding to that. It is such the same with life.