Beth Miller on the power of empathy in the workplace

Beth Miller studied human-centric design in school and started her career working for Ann Bancroft as she made her way to the North pole. Since then she’s worked for big brands like Disney, Allianz, United Healthcare and now Magid. Her background has given her a unique perspective on how people work and the power of empathy in the workplace.

We're looking for people who always watch, listen and wonder why someone is doing what they are doing and how we can make that better. It's not just looking at big data and trying to find correlation and patterns and push what we think people might do its actually understanding what compelled them to make that decision in the first place.
If you don't solve a consumer need or think about the human context all the big data won't save you because you're not pushing it forward in a different direction a more human direction in something that is sustainable or ownable that matters to people.
Technology has a place, flexible working spaces needed in this day and age and we should embrace that technology but understand that there are people behind it - so if we don't slow down to speed up we aren't going to pull empathy back into our lives.