Season 1: The Business Gist Podcast

We’re excited to announce that we’ve finished recording Season 1 of the Business Gist podcast. Here’s a sneak peek of our 11 different guests and what we talked about. If you’re ready to start listen we’ve got a few episodes live for your enjoyment.


Episode 1: Kris Lindahl, Founder of Kris Lindahl Real Estate and the guy on all of the billboards shares his views on being generous as a person and as company, as well as, some thoughts on home affordability and the key to good marketing.

Episode 2: Sarah Moe, CEO/Founder Sleep Health Specialist discusses the importance of employee sleep health and what companies can do to improve it.

Episode 3: Jamal Lewis, Business Development at Boston Scientific and board member of Open Cities Health Center gives his perspective on financial health and the need for more robust financial education in schools and the workplace.

Episode 4: Beth Miller, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Magid shares her insight on human-centric design and infusing empathy into the workplace and the experiences that have shaped her perspective.

Episode 5: Jason Sole, Professor, public speaker, activist and St. Paul’s Community First Public Safety Director explains the obstacles people have when trying to re-enter the workforce after being incarcerated and paying their debt to society.

Episode 6: Wendy Wiesman, VP Marketing & Customer Experience at OmCare chats about what it means to be a leader and why you should slow down and listen to employees.

Episode 7: Soleil Ho, writer, podcaster and world traveler dishes on Food Justice - what it is, it’s role in the business world and how businesses can get involved.

Episode 8: Kristen Brown, Founder Kristen Brown Presents and national motivational speaker opens up on her experience on loss and how best to handle bereavement in the workplace as an employer and as a co-worker.

Episode 9: Abby Murray, Co-Founder and CMO of Mortarr, talks about her passion for design, starting a business in southern Minnesota and the importance of creating white space in life.

Episode 10: Emilie Hitch, Partner and Applied Anthropologist at Rabbit explores the experience economy and it’s impact on brands.

Episode 11: Jeremy Pierotti, CEO of Sansoro Health discusses the need to end the stigma around mental health, especially in the workplace, and creating access for children who need mental health.


Director - Miki Mosman aka Tricky Miki

Producer - Alex Stadnik

Production Assistant - Marge Pearson

Recording Studio - N401 Studios

Media Partner: Minnesota Business magazine